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Lights Out Blinds · Portable blackout blinds for nursery, children's rooms, daytime naps and travel
Why Lights Out

What makes Lights Out Blinds unique?

  • They take seconds to put up/take down (see demonstration video).
  • Each pack contains two blinds, offering positioning flexibility.
  • They can be attached to open windows, allowing in the breeze on hot summer nights.
  • They can work on recessed windows.
  • Unique design means no fiddly size adjustments are necessary (read more).
  • They are not window specific, so can be moved from room to room.
  • Simple attachment with one sucker applied to the centre of the window. No need to reach to the top.
  • They are a cheaper, multipurpose alternative to purchasing blackout curtains.

Lights Out blinds can be used in a range of situations

Blackout Blinds for the Nursery

  • Ideal for the nursery and the kids' room
  • They encourage children to sleep longer in the morning, especially in the summer months when the sun rises early and sets late
  • They help babies and children nap during the day

Portable blackout blinds for travel

  • Great to take on holiday, they are lightweight and come in a handy carry bag
  • They help maintain children's sleep routines when away from home
  • For visits to granny and relatives
  • For beating jat-lag – they are very handy for those who have travelled through several time zones

Blackout Blinds for holiday/temporary accommodation and schools

  • Use in holiday cottages, hotels and B&Bs
  • Use to darken classrooms for better visibility of interactive whiteboards and projectors
  • Use to provide temporary window coverings if just moved house or renovating
  • Use in rented accommodation where curtains are not dark enough and no fixtures/fittings allowed
  • Use to help create a peaceful mood/sensory room in hospitals or hospices

Blackout Blinds for darkening rooms

  • For shift workers or anyone else needing to sleep during daylight hours
  • For students or anyone who likes to sleep longer in the morning
  • Use to partially shade conservatories or other areas
  • Use to darken media rooms so the projector/television can be seen properly

Who Needs Lights Out Blinds?

  • Families with babies and young children
  • Anyone who likes to sleep longer during the summer months
  • Holiday makers
  • Shift workers and students
  • Those who have recently moved and don't have curtains yet
  • Those in temporary/rented accommodation where fixtures/fittings not allowed
  • Hospital patients
  • Media room owners
  • Children's nurseries
  • Schools
  • Film makers
Mother and Baby Silver Award Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Travel Item Over £20 Bronze Award Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Finalist BB Gold Award LBP Winner 2011

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