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Lights Out Blinds · Portable blackout blinds for nursery, children's rooms, daytime naps and travel
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Mother and Baby Silver Award 2012/2016 – Travel Sleep Product Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Bronze Award 2012/2016 – Travel item over £20 Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Finalist 2011/2012 – New Product to Market Over £20 Bizzie Baby Gold Award 2011/2012 Loved by Parents Winner 2011 – Best Sleep Aid


Here is a selection of the reviews we have received, feel free to take a look!


"Our volunteer thought that the Lights Out blinds were incredibly simple to use, and she was impressed with the clever design. (...) The single sucker pad felt secure and the blind stayed up over several nights without any movement." Read more


"There aren't enough superlatives at my disposal to adequately convey just HOW genius I think these blackout blinds are; if you have a child who wakes up at the crack of dawn during the summer or can't get to sleep when it's light during the day, then you MUST go and look at Lights Out.."Read more

Bizzie Baby

"I think they're great value for money as the prices I was getting quoted for curtains with blackout linings were over £100! (...) have the blackout option when required and to remove when it is not. (...) The design is really good as there are two really quite large blinds which fold down into a fairly small package."Read more

Emmy's Mummy

"I saw these new blinds advertised and just had to try them for myself - well a 5.30am start will do that to anyone!! I tried them out on the same day they arrived and was completely amazed - Emmy slept in till 8.20am Woo Hoo!!"Read more

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Amazon 4.5 stars

We have received a large number of reviews on, with the average value of 4.6. Here is a short selection, for more please visit Lights Out pages.

"Excellent! I did quite a bit of research about black out blinds before I bought these and I have not been disappointed!" Read more

"This is the best portable blackout blind on the market." Read more

Mother and Baby Silver Award Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Travel Item Over £20 Bronze Award Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Finalist BB Gold Award LBP Winner 2011

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