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Lights Out Blinds · Portable blackout blinds for nursery, children's rooms, daytime naps and travel
Lights Out XL

Lights Out Extra Large Blackout Blind

Babies and Toddlers need more sleep than anyone else, indeed babies spend the majority of their formative months asleep. It is critical to create a calm peaceful environment where your baby can enjoy restful sleep and that includes shutting out controllable noise and bright lights. Sunlight has the added disadvantage of UV rays and parents know they need to protect babies from this as well. In some cases curtains will suffice but they need to be heavily lined to be most effective. What you need is a short term solution that is easy to use and cost effective.

The LightsOut XL Pop Up Blind is an innovative new product, designed by a mother to solve the problem of shutting out light around the home in room where baby is sleeping. You do not need to soil your d├ęcor with sticky tape or fixers because LightsOut Pop Up Blinds fix directly to the window with a custom designed sucker. In no time parents will be able to apply or remove LightsOut XL Pop Up Blinds in 10 seconds. No other product of its type is so easy to use and they can be applied to any window in the house. Feel free to take them on holiday or when visiting relatives.

The material used in LightsOut XL Pop Up Blinds has been designed to be total blackout and it will sustain repeated setting up and taking down. When not in use the unique folding design allows it to fold almost flat and fit into a carry / storage bag. Heavy duty stretch and tear resistant fabric stops both sunlight and artificial light disturbing a good night's sleep, and is perfect for the long days of the summer months.

LightsOut XL Pop Up Blind arrives pre-packed in a handy carry bag, and when needed can be unfolded instantaneously. The blind can be easily fitted within 10 seconds.

The LightsOut XL Pop Up Blind is 120cm x 140cm, so is perfect for large windows. They even fit recessed windows, thanks to the useful two part extension rod, which is included in the pack.

Included: 1x LightsOut XL blind, 2 Piece Extension rod, Portable carry bag for traveling.

10 second pop up system means the blinds easy to fit and install.

Extra large size area (120x140xm) fits larger or or recessed windows.

Easy to fold in 3 easy steps, full colour instruction manual included.

Handy Carry Bag is ideal for holidays for traveling.

Thick PVC lined fabric prevents sunlight or artifical light from pentrating.

Mother and Baby Silver Award Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Travel Item Over £20 Bronze Award Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Finalist BB Gold Award LBP Winner 2011

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(RRP £25.99 for an XL blind)