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Lights Out Blinds · Portable blackout blinds for nursery, children's rooms, daytime naps and travel
How They Work

Lights Out Blinds fit most windows and take seconds to put up/take down. They come in packs of two with each blind measuring 1m × 1.2m. For larger windows more blinds can be used. If the window is smaller than a blind the blinds sits against the window surround rather than the window. No size adjustment is necessary.

Storing and cleaning: Lights out come in a small neat bag making them are easy to store or pop in your suitcase. Simply wipe with a damp sponge if they need cleaning.

To put them up: Unfold the blind and press the sucker firmly to the window. Tighten by using the toggle and pulling the cord. For open windows or deeper recesses, easy-to-use extension rods are provided.

To take them down: Unstick the sucker, squeeze the sides together as if folding in half. The blind will then collapse.

Mother and Baby Silver Award Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Travel Item Over £20 Bronze Award Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Finalist BB Gold Award LBP Winner 2011

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(RRP £34.99 for a pack of two blinds)